Factors That Control The Picture Quality Of Video Camera

1, The lens is hugely important when it comes to picture quality. Lenses vary in price and can range from costing peanuts to hundreds of thousands of pounds.

The size of the lens is important as this determines how much light gets into the camera and the basic rule of video work is that the more light the better the image quality.

The smoothness of the glass and the accuracy of the lens to focus beams of light also play a major role in the determining the quality of the image. This is because if the light beams cross over each other you end up with a really muddled picture.


2, The size and type of chip is also an important fact. The chip is what the beams of light hit, to make an impression/picture. The bigger the picture, the better quality the picture is when expanded onto a TV or cinema screen, because it does not have to be stretched as much.

The type of chip is also important. There is no doubt that the newer chips are producing better quality images even when they are the same size. Especially in low light as many are back illuminated for such a situation.


3, The megabit recording rate is the amount of the storage space/detail the camera uses per second to record the image. Obviously the more detail the image is recorded in the better quality the image will be.


4, The recording format is also a factor as it determines how the information is recorded in the camera. At the moment 4k is the best format to record in as it gives just over four thousand lines on the horizontal, making its recording 4 times that of true high def.


5, File format also plays a big role. The best file type is XAVC S, however there are many other really good more standard file types like AVCHD.


In summary there are so many factors that control the quality of an image, that it can be difficult deciding which camcorder to buy. In order to make the correct purchase a lot of research and testing is highly recommended.


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