Should I Pay For A Wedding Videographer Or A Wedding Photographer?

Many couples feel they need a wedding photographer and a wedding video but can not pay for both, so they have a choice, wedding photos or a wedding video.

The things that should be considered are: 


1, Often the person leading the ceremony will only allow one or the other. Since the ceremony is obviously massively important if not the most important part of the day, then this will often dictate the decision making.  


2, In terms of taste, do they prefer photographs or video? Sounds simple but some people just prefer one over the other in terms of enjoyment.


3, Do they have a friend that can do one or the other?. If they have then they have to pick. If they pick correctly then they could end up with satisfactory wedding photographs and a satisfactory wedding video. How ever choose badly and they could end up with one of these that is unsatisfactory and therefore wish they had spent the extra money.

Photography is an easier format to work with. This is because if you take a bad photograph you just don't include it. How ever with video you are working on a constant timeline, so you need to make sure that every moment is exposed, focused and composed correctly. You cat simply cut a section of the ceremony or the speeches out because you made a mistake.

Processing photographs is also a lot easier that learning how to edit video footage, because even if you manage to edit the wedding video quite well, you still have to be able to export, compress and author the wedding video onto dvd/blue ray in good quality. The importance of this has become even bigger in the last ten years as flat screen televisions have got bigger. These larger televisions require even better quality footage as the pixels are spread out further on the screen.


4, How to showcase best the things that the bride and groom have spent money. If they have a band playing at their wedding and they really love their music, then would probably push them towards a wedding video because as we all know there is no sound on photographs.  


5, Experience and input of friends and family. If a friend had a wedding video done and it was not very good, this would have a huge effects of the decision making of the bride and groom. Obviously if their friends wedding video was fantastic, they may watch it and decide that they to want to see themselves on the screen in this way.  


The thought process from one bride and groom to another is obviously massively different. So are so many factors and influences that effects every decision, but these are some the main factors that I have noticed in my years of doing wedding videos.


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