Is A Wedding Video Really Necessary?

When asking the question is a wedding video really necessary? You must first way up the pros and cons of getting a wedding video. There are a few reasons why a lot of couples decide not to get a wedding video. These are:


1, Cost. The truth is that a wedding video costs money, and if your budget is already stretched it is usually one of the first things to go. The reason for this is that there are so many things that you simply have to have, such as the rings, the venue, the food, the drinks, the dress. With out these things it really would not be a wedding at all.


You could argue that the photographer is not necessary, but it almost is, because the wedding photographer is something that has become stable tradition of weddings, virtually ever since photography was invented.


2, Intrusion. The fact is that a lot of people become quite nervous when a video camera is pointed at them and for this reason a lot of couples decide that they would rather not be made to feel nervous at their wedding.

Photography could also be said to be an intrusion. But the truth is they are only capturing a fragment of time, where as video is recording constantly. You can easily omit a photograph from a wedding album, but it is much more difficult to cut a section of time out of what is supposed to be a constant time line.


The advantages of a wedding video over photography are:


1, Video records sound, so you can record the speeches and therefore never forget exactly what was said at your wedding.


2, Video records atmosphere. You can get a little sense of the atmosphere from photographs, but it really is only a small sense.


3, Guest messages. Guest messages have become a really important part of a wedding video. They can be emotional, funny and are simply a great way for the guests to thank you for inviting them to your wedding. This can not be done on photographs. It is little personal touches like this that allow a wedding video to add so much to the memories of the greatest day of your life.


4, Entertainment. The fact is that while photography is popular. Wedding videos are much more entertaining. We know this because 99 percent of us like watching films. It is very rare that we sit down and look at photographs all night.


In summary, there are many factors that determine weather a wedding video is necessary and these must be carefully weighed up before making a decision, because you can not go back and do it again once you've decided after the wedding, that you wish you had hired a wedding videographer.


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