Good Practice Cinematography For Shooting Wedding Videos

The ultimate aim of the videographer is for people to watch the video and concentrate on what is actually important. If the cinematography is poor, then the viewer will become aware of this and will therefore be distracted and will not concentrate on emotional moments in the video.


One thing that can distract the audience is a camera that moves unnecessarily. A lot of videographers have started using hand held cameras to video a wedding. This is partly due to the increased use of hand held footage in dramas and also due to laziness. After all it can get very tiring carrying a big tripod around all day.

Its is however well worth the extra effort because a perfectly still and smooth tilting/panning camera allow the viewer to really concentrate on what is happening within the frame.


Another style that has become fairly popular is the use of the tilted/Dutch angle to add an arty look to the footage. This is something that is very popular within photography and I think the use of it in wedding videos has come from there. It can work well, however it can be very distracting and may not be to the taste of the bride and groom.


If a bride and groom ask for handheld or tilted angles we always make sure we incorporate these in our shoot. However without a direct instruction we stick to the traditional style of always shooting on a tripod and in doing so keep the footage as smooth as possible, allowing the viewer to focus on the action, rather than artistic decisions. Shooting on a tripod also adds a very classical style to the wedding video and since weddings are all about the traditional, we feel this is the correct cinematography choice for a wedding video.


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