Should I Get My Wedding Video On Blue Ray Or Dvd

Most couples are stilling choosing to have their wedding video on dvd. This is simply because most people do not have dvd players and blue rays are still in the minority. How ever over the last couple of years, I have noticed that if you go into HMV, most of the disks at the front of the store are blue rays. This would suggest that blue ray has  eventually starting to take a significant part of the market.


Blue rays has actually been out for a long time, but because the quality of dvd is quite good most people have simply not been bothered to up grade their system and their disk to blue ray.


Its was a fairly quick change from video tape to dvd. This was for three reasons:


1, dvd was better quality and with larger plasma televisions coming out that quality was needed.


2, The dvd allowed people to switch from one scene to another incredible quickly.


3, The ability to add extras to the dvd like making of documentaries and story boards.




Obviously blue ray is a big step up from dvd in terms of quality, but is it really needed, when professional dvds are quite good in terms of quality? The answer is, it depends on the size of your television and how close you sit to it.


If you have a sixty inch tv and you sit five metres away, then you are going to see all the imperfections that you get with dvd, because the tv has stretched the picture so much. dvds are after all, standard definition. If you have only a 32 inch tv, then dvd will be just fine. Points one and two above do not count for this upgrade because dvd can allow people to switch from one scene to another incredible quickly, and have extras on the disk.


It is worth noting how ever, that most manufacturers have stopped adding making of documentaries on dvds, so that we are pushed into buying blue rays.


We allow the bride and groom to upgrade their wedding film on to blue ray, but have found that most people are still happy to have their wedding video on dvd. Personally if I were getting married, I would definitely get me video on blue ray, because I know how much compressing video can have an effect on picture quality, but it is in the end of the day, a personal choice.


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