The Colour Scheme Of The Wedding Video


The first photography was all black and white, but then the film stock producers began to develop colour film. This obviously makes sense because in the end of the day, the essential point of photography is to reproduce what is actually there in real life.

Its is therefore strange that black and white photography has continued to be popular, after all it is essentially a photograph with a lot of information missing. This information is especially a miss, when it comes to recording situations that have many and vibrant colours, such as a wedding.


You see a stunning photograph of the bride with her flowers in black and white, but you have no idea what colour her flowers were. Seems strange that this lack of information is desirable.


So why is black and white photography still considered beautiful? I think it is simply because it adds a classical element to a photograph and as such makes it almost seem more authentic.


When we shoot a wedding video we always shoot in colour because that is the way that camcorders record, but it is also so that we have the option to produce the video in black and white or in colour. It is a fairly simple process to un saturate video to make it black and white, where as once you have lost the colour information you can not get it back.


Though it is usual for a wedding album to have a few black and white pages in it, it is not usual for black and white footage to make its way into a wedding video. We have in the past been asked to do a black and white version of a wedding video, and because it has been requested by the bride, we have done it. However it is not something we would do of our own accord.


The truth is that the colour scheme of video is a matter of taste, and as such it is a choice for the bride and groom. It is after all, their wedding video and it is them that will have to watch it for the rest of their lives.


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