Getting Ready Or Pre Ceremony

As a wedding video company, we include an hours worth filming of the bride getting ready. This is commonly called bridal prep. This footage is edited down to fit the length of a song, so essentially ends up being about four minutes long.


What can also be included is a montage of all the wedding attendees converging at the ceremonial venue. This is after all, the one thing that the bride does not see on the day.


As a company, we offer a variety of packages, which mainly differ in the amount of cameras and camera men that attend the wedding. If a bride opts for the one camera man wedding video, then she will esssentialy have to choose between the bridal prep and the pre ceremony montage of the guest converging at the ceremonial venue.


This can be a big decision, because the getting ready stage of the day is of massive importance to a bride, where as they does not want to miss the one thing she is not present for, which is all the guests meeting and greeting each other in the church.


There are many factors that effect the bride's decision. Some of these are:


A, Getting ready for a wedding can be stressful, which is totally understandable. If there is one day that a woman wants to look at her best, it is her wedding day. This level of importance can create a feeling of stress, and for that reason some brides simply do not want a camera man in there, as they will feel even more under pressure.


B, How important does the bride consider getting dressed to be. Some women are almost obsessed with getting ready, and consider that stage of a night out almost as exciting as the night out itself. They have probably dreamed of the day they get to have their hair styled, have a professional make up artist gloss them up, and then put their wedding dress on, and have it tied up by their bride's maids. To miss this from the video would be crazy, so they feel that while every one arriving etc is important, it is nothing in comparison.


C, Have they seen one or the other on a friend's wedding video. If they have, depending on whether or not they liked it, will make a massive difference to their decision. We have literally had brides in the past that have shown us parts of their friend's video, and told us that is how they would like theirs to look.



D, Curiosity. Some people are more curious than others. The fact that they will not be present at the church as everyone arrives, and will therefore miss that part of the day, is something that drives some people crazy. Therefore, to have the chance to watch it after wards on the video, is a massive bonus to some brides.


E, Space. Sometimes it is as simple as the fact that the bride feels that there is simply not enough room in the hotel room for both a photographer and videographer. In this situation the photographer essentially always gets priory and rightly so.


There are other factors that can effect this decision, but these are the most common. Like all things in life, it is a personal decision, and as such we always leave it up to the bride and groom. It is after all their wedding video.


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