Film Verses Digital


Most high end feature films are still shot on film. This is because film gives stunning smoothness of colour gradients, that digital simply can not yet. However, over the last couple of years we have noticed that digital is not only getting better in terms of picture sharpness but also in colour representation.


What has also improved digital is the fact that they are more and better post production filters, that can alter digital to make it look more like film. Digital is definitely the future, but film is still superior at the moment because of it painterly textures and colours.


Over the last fifteen years, the wedding video has become more and more popular and numerous. One of the main reasons for this is the invention of the digital camcorder, because unless you were super rich, you would not have been able to afford the high cost of the films stock. Now with digital it is so much cheaper to shoot a wedding video, and therefore because of that, wedding videographers have been able to offer wedding videos at a much more reasonable price, and because of this more reasonable price, more couples have opted to pay for a wedding video.


So although film is still the preferred choice in terms of quality for feature films, when it comes to wedding videos digital is by far the most used format.


One other advantage of digital over film is the fact that you can quickly and cheaply process digital footage and do amendments to it like change the colours or the tone. Alter the sharpness or grain.


This is hugely important in wedding videos because there is no second take, and as such you often do not have time to set up properly, so you just do the best you can in a short space of time.


Also, with digital you do not have to carry large cans of films stock, which is hugely advantageous, because you are often climbing tight spiral staircases of castles and other crazy old fashioned buildings.


So in summary, yes film is probably still the best format for all round quality, but it is simply not practical enough to allow it to be used as a viable option in wedding videos. Digital however, is totally practical which makes it the perfect choice.


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