What Should Be Included In A Wedding Video?

Different wedding video companies include different things in their standard packages. Often it is up to the bride and groom to specify things that they want on their wedding video.


The truth is that a wedding video should include all aspects of the day, but because of budget, often the bride and groom can only afford to have the wedding videographer there for a certain amount of time.


Ideally, if the bride and groom can afford it the videographer should be there till the end of the first dance and if possible stay for a couple of songs after the first dance to capture the party atmosphere.


If the videographer is there till this time, that means that all elements of the wedding day up till that point should be included. These would include


Bridal prep


Musical montage of the photographs being taken

Musical montage of the details of the breakfast/dinning room


Cutting the cake

First dance


The videographer should be willing to add anything else that happens within that time. Often the bride and groom will have arranged some special entertainment like a magician, that obviously having spent money on, they want on the wedding video.


In conclusion, there are many things that should come as standard in a wedding video, however it is the job of the wedding videographer to ask if there is anything in particular that the bride and groom want on their wedding video. The bride and groom must also bare some responsibility for particular things. If the videographer is not aware that a magician is coming and he is in the other room videoing guest messages, then clearly the magician will not be added to the wedding video.

If the both the wedding videographer and the couple are vigilant, the video should have everything on it that the couple want.


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