Importance Of Picking The Correct Wedding Videographer

Choosing the perfect wedding videographer is one of the most daunting decisions that a bride and groom will have to make. After all, along with the photographs, the video will be all they are left once their special day is over.

The advancement of the camcorder has resulted in a larger number of people owning a video camera. The ease of the controls such as auto focus and auto exposure have made filming so much easier.

It is now so cheap to buy reusable memory cards, and therefore more people have experimented with their camcorders. Because of this experimentation, there are so many non professionals who have bought a cheap camera and think they are qualified to call them selves a wedding videographer. Couples should be very carefull to avoid of such people and should check various things to help them avoid the trap.

1, Check the camera that the so called wedding videographeruses. Ask what camera he/she uses and then look it up on the internet. The basic cost will give you guide to the quality of the video that will be produced.


If you want to take it a little further, you could ask camera spec specific questions, in order to asses the quality of their video productions. This is a great way to see if they know what they are talking about. If some one is a complete amateur, then you may startle them by asking such detailed questions. If they do not know the answer to the questions or are startled when you ask them, then they clearly are not that knowledgeable about video production, and if that is the case, then you should probably not consider them as your wedding videographer.


The sort of questions you could ask are:

A, What megabit rate does your camera record at?

B, What medium do you record to?

C, What format do you record to?

D, Does your camera have in built ND filters?

E, What sort of lens does your camera have?

F, What is the ansi lumen value of your camera?


If you ask these questions and you get a confident and knowledge able response, then it is a good indication that this videographer knows his stuff when it comes to video production. Even if the videographer knows this stuff, it is no guarentee that they are great videographers, but it is atleast a strong indication.



2, Look at their website for a feel of the company and look at the portfolioof work. The website should have video samples of all parts of a typical wedding day, from the bridal prep to the first dance. Do not be content with a video reel of highlights from various weddings. Even the worst wedding videographers  will probably be able to take parts of shots and edit them together to make it look good.

3, Once you are sure that the videographer's camera and samples of work are of the correct standard, you should arrange a meet so that you can asses if you feel comfortable with them. Remember if you do not feel comfortable with them, it will be written all over your face on the video.

4, Once you are sure that you feel comfortable with the wedding videographer you should then enquire about their method of working because wedding videographers vary in terms of their persistence and therefore potential annoyance. Remember, the last thing you want is an over obsessed videographer that thinks it is his or her right to boss you and your guests around.

  Follow these simple steps and you will be on your way to making the correct choice.



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