The Importance Of Neutral Density Filters In Wedding Videography

A lot of people think that a bright sunny day is a great day for photography, but the truth is they could not be more wrong. Bright sunlight creates a lot of problems when photographing and videoing.


1, Shadows. Direct sunlight creates massive shadows on people if the sun is coming from the side. This can result in only seeing half of a person's face. The only way around this is to either have the people facing directly into the sun, which causes people to squint, which is obviously not a good look, or to have the sun behind them, but this creates a silhouette effect.


By using neutral density filters. The extremes of the variation in light hitting a person's face is reduced, making it a lot easier to evenly expose the entire face.


2, Over expose. The sun can actually get that bright that there is no way to produce an un over exposed image at a decent shutter speed. You can reduce the length of the shutter speed to reduce the Sun's effect on the imaging chip, but this results in jerky footage because there is no motion blur from one frame to the next. No body wants choppy footage of their wedding video.


By adding the correct neutral density filters to the lens, you reduce the sun's rays and therefore are able to correctly expose the image, with out reducing the length of time that the chip is exposed to the sun. This results in beautifully smooth images, even in the brightest of light.


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