The Advantages Of working With An Experienced Photographer

Due to money constraints a lot of couples either get an un experienced semi professional photographer or a family friend to do their wedding photography. Obviously there is more often than not a quality compromise that they have to accept.


There is great skill and experience involved in producing successful wedding photography and as such if you compromise the investment, then you will likely compromise the quality of the photographs.


An in experienced photographer can not only have a bad effect on the wedding photos, but also have a bad affect on the wedding video for a variety of reasons.


1, Getting In The Way. In experienced photographers are often so in awe of the task in hand, that they are so concentrated on their job of getting great wedding photographs, that they can not also concentrate on keeping out of the way of the videographer's camera.


We have had such an experience many times and it is very frustrating. As a videographer you are working hard to produce the best wedding video you can. There you are making your best effort during the wedding ceremony to make the footage look great with the perfect exposure and composition and then suddenly the photographer stands right in front of your lens and ruins your shot.


He may not have done it on purpose but that is academic, because if you are shooting a one camera wedding video, you can not simply cut out a section of the ceremony, in order to avoid his rear being in the shot.


2, Poor posed romantic shots. As videographers, we understand that the photographer must take priority when it comes to the posed romantic photographs. This is because the posed romantic shots are essentially the highlight of the wedding album.


In experienced photographers often have no or little ideas on how to make the bride and groom pose. Little variety and stylisation results in the photographs and therefore the video looking old fashioned. If we have this problem, then we always try to add our own shots on at the end, but unfortunately, there is sometimes not enough time, after the photographer has finished and therefore we are left with the very basic shots that the photographer has set up.


3, Time Consumption. In experienced photographers very often have very little control over the guests and are not sure what they want anyway. As a result of this over time consumption, we often run out of time to get into the breakfast/dining room.


As a result of this, the details of the dining room section of the video, can sometimes be missing completely, because once the guests enter the room, we have no chance to shoot this important element of the wedding video.


We have worked with many fantastic photographers over the years, which have had great control over the guests and great stylisation within their compositions. One photographer who is a pleasure to work with is Dominic Denison from Bespoke Imagery Photography. He is always extremely efficient with his time management and creates fantastic shots for us to video.


In summary, I conclude that the advantages of the extra expense of paying for a quality wedding photographer are massive, but as videographers we have to accept, that the couple can not always afford this. It is our job to produce the best wedding video we can in that particular circumstance. If we approach the work from that point of view, then we are producing our work at the highest possible level and we are doing our very best for the bride and groom.


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