We waited till the last minute to get a videographer and could not have made a better choice. The video is magical and so professionally done. We just can't praise White Wedding Videos enough.

We knew we wanted a wedding video from the begginning and so we spent a lot of time looking at companies and eventually chose White Wedding Videos and we are so glad we did, because we absolutely love hwat they have done for us.

So pleased with our wedding video. We would recommend White Wedding Videos to anyone.

On the day of the wedding they just went about their work in a very professional and unobtrusive way. We barely noticed them at all. I actually thought I would be self concious but was nt at all. The dvd is amazing and brings a whole level of magic when I we watch it.

We absolutely love our wedding video and are so pleased we paid the extra to have something that we can treasure for ever.

Can not believe we nearly did not get a wedding video. Its so much better than the photographs as it gives a real sense of the atmosphere which photographs don't give.

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