How Many Video Cameras Are Needed To Shoot A Wedding Video

When asking the question "how many video cameras are needed to shoot a wedding video?", you must first decide what the priority is for the bride and groom.


Is the priority of the bride and groom to have the smoothest looking video they can possibly have, or is the priority of the bride and groom to have a wedding video but have it not intrude on their day.


The reason this question is important, is because the fact of the matter is, the more cameras you have, the smoother and more professional the video will be. How ever, the more video camcorders and operators you have at a wedding, the more the couple and their guests will be aware of them and feel self conscious. In fact being unobtrusive is something that videographers pride them selves on.


So why does having extra cameras help to make the video better? If you have watched a wedding on a film, you will notice that the editing cuts from one camera angle to another in order to give the viewer the best and most comprehensive sight of what is going on. Being able to cut from a wide shot of the bride and groom with the church in the back ground to a close shot of the bride as she gets emotional is obviously going to add to the viewers pleasure of watching the wedding video.


Its is also beneficial to have extras cameras in case someone stands in front of the camera and blocks the line of sight. Being able to cut to another camera angle, results in the viewer always getting a good sight of what is going on.


The most important part of the day is the ceremony, so the extra camera is especially important at that stage of the day, but it is also very important during the speeches and the first dance.


During the speeches it is important to have a mid to close shot of the person making the speech, so that you can see their emotions, but it is also important to be able to see the rest of the people on the head table and some of the other guests as they get emotional and maybe laugh at the jokes. Having extra cameras allows the editor to cut to these element quickly and seamlessly and therefore gives the viewer a truly comprehensive sense of what happened on the day.


Its is also important to have at least one extra camera during the first dance, so that as the bride and groom spin around, you always have there faces on camera.


Besides the factor intrusiveness there is also the question of cost. Wedding videos are quite expensive, and as a result, some people can only afford the one camera wedding video. I guess what it comes down to is how much of a priority is the wedding video over the other things that a bride and groom must spend money on. The truth is, that most people favour the wedding photographer over the videographer and as a result, the wedding videographer is very often the last thing they book.


In summary, it is a massive personal choice as to how many video camcorders and video operators a couple have at their wedding. Too many can effect the behaviour of the guests, and too few can sometimes not give them quite the quality of wedding video they want. Its a big decision that will be with them for life, but as long they give it much thought, they should be on their way to making the correct decision.


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