Importance Of Music In A Wedding Video


As wedding videographers, we are often asked the question, can we have music on our wedding video. The answer is obviously yes. But you must first consider the fact that there is essentially two types of music on a wedding video.



1, Incidental music. This is the music that is actually played on the day of the wedding and therefore often makes it onto the finished video, simply by virtue of the fact that it was actually being played when the video camcorder was recording.


A good example of this is the first dance music. Obviously, as the first dance is taking place, the videographer is recording and is recording sound. It is therefore likely that this sound/music will make it onto the finished dvd.


However some videographers replace the sound of the first dance with a dubbed version of the same song so that the sound is more pure. Though we do not do this ourselves (because you miss the atmosphere of the room at the time), this is a perfectly acceptable editorial choice, it just depends on the videographers personal style.


Although we have been asked to do this on the odd occasion, we feel that our job as wedding videographers is to record the atmosphere at the time. We are however perfectly happy to do this if the customers asks.


The ceremony is another example of incidental music. There is always music played during a ceremony and it therefore almost always makes it on to the final cut of the wedding film.


The important responsibility of the videographer is to make sure that they record the sound correctly. At various stages in a wedding day the music will be played at different volumes. The videographer must be able to predict, monitor and adapt the recording levels appropriately to make sure the sound is recorded loud enough to make a solid recording, but not too loud that it distorts.


For example to ceremonial music is fairly quiet, but the first dance music is usually very loud. Knowledge of these differences can allow the camera man to predict and therefore set the sound levels appropriately. Its some times hard to predict with total accuracy, so it is therefore important that the camera man, watches the levels and then adapts the recording levels as the music progresses.


We always stay on the side of caution. Best to record the sound slightly low (it can always be turned up in post production), than to have the recording levels to high and end up with distorted sound. There is after all, no fix for distorted sound, except to edit/dub the music over the top in the edit process.



2, Dubbed or edited music. This is music that is not heard on the actual day of the wedding and is added at a later stage during the editing process.


We use dubbed music on elements which are essentially edited as montage. We do this because adding music to a series of edited clips really adds a sense of emotion to a section of video. It also adds to the entertainment element of the video and therefore makes it more enjoyable to watch.


The addition of dubbed music can also make a video more personal to the bride and groom, if they pick the actual music. They may have certain songs that remind them of an important moment in their relationship, like their first date or the night he proposed.



In summary, there is no doubt that music adds a lot to not only the wedding video but also the wedding day itself. Music adds so much emotion to all elements of life. Its is therefore very important that a bride and groom pick the correct music for their wedding. Providing they have picked the perfect music for their wedding, adding music to the video adds to the emotion and excitement of the film. There is therefore no doubt that adding music to a wedding video massively increases the enjoyably of the viewer and is therefore an integral part of the wedding video.


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Importance Of Music In A Wedding Video



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