The Balance between The Photographer And The videographer

When we first producing wedding videos back in 2009, we noticed that the photographers were often not very nice to us. It was clear that they found us to be an inconvenience.

I can almost understand. The job of a wedding photographer can be very stressful. They simply have to get the correct shots at the correct time, or else they are failing at their job. Being in the right place at the correct time is essential for this, and therefore when they find that a videographer is in the spot that they want, it can cause frustration.

It is not just a matter of stealing their spot, they are also expected to not get in the way of the video camera, so they often find themselves pre occupied by this and therefore not able to concentrate on their job as much. They also end up going the long way round, to get round the back of you, and can sometimes miss a great moment because of the extra time that is taken.


The sort of photographers that have been working for decades can find our presence irritating for the reasons mentioned above. They have been used to working without the handicap of videographers for decades and then suddenly their job is made more difficult by our invasion into their work place.


I always find that the younger photographers are much easier to work with, because they have learnt their craft with us being there, so we are almost part of the tradition of a wedding day to them. I have also noticed that in general photographers have become more accepting of us, as they have over the years accepted that its is quite normal for a wedding videographer to be present at a wedding. One such wedding photographer that we really enjoy working with is Lena  Sto Domingo from Casablanca Photography. She always goes out of her way to ensure that we can get our shots as well.  She prides herself on being able to get the shots she wants, without obstructing any other element of the day.


There are times when the photographer and the videographer must give way to each other and these vary at different stages in the day.


1, During the ceremony, the videographer has essentially one position (facing diagonally towards the bride). If the camera was moving about all over the place it would look very unprofessional and distracting. Therefore the videographer essentially must remain still. Its is therefore the photographers responsibility to work around the videographer and not get in his shot. Usually the photographer will be side by side with the videographer, as this allows them to take great shots but not get in any ones way.


2, It is a big task for the photographer to organise all the guests and still expose and focus the camera perfectly, so for this reason, at this stage of the wedding, the videographer must help by keeping out the way of the photographers shots.


3, During the speeches the videographer can not move and so the photographer should work around the videographer and go round the back of him if he needs to get past.


4, During the first dance, the photographer should go around the back of the videographer and by doing so not block the camera from the bride and groom. It is fine for the photographer to appear on the other side of the dance floor, he is after all a part of the story of the day, but he should not block the video cameras view of the bride and groom.


Its can be difficult to both get what you need, without getting in each others way. As long as you are courteous to each others needs, then you will develop a good working relationship, that allows you both to do the best you can for the bride and groom.



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